Wok inspired

Today I wanted to try something from Asian food, so here’s my easy and simple way to make wok.


250 g minced pork (or any other meat you prefer)

2 to 3 carrots (I used yellow and black, so there’s  a little splash of colours)

1 whole garlic (chopped in small pieces)

1/2 chilli pepper (fine chopped)

2 tbsp spring onions

1 pack of any wok noodles ( I used BeauvaisWok Nudler)

2tbsp olive oil

300 ml water

And now preparation…It’s so easy and fast, that everyone can make it.

First start with meat and cook it as usual. While the meat is preparing put olive oil in a wok pan and wait until it begins to shimmer and than add vegetables. Cooking time depends on the desired tenderness ( I like them tender, so cooking time is aprox. 5-10 minutes). Add meat and water to veggies and stir for 1 – 3 minutes. At least add noodles and cook 3-5 minutes. Voilà! Your meal is ready to be served. Just add some fresh salats and you are ready to have a delicious lunch.


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