Color splash 🌈

Today I was so affected from yesterday’s food experiment, so Β I’m continuing 😊 let me introduce you to my “yin-yang” soup 🍜

Beets/broccoli cream soups union πŸ‘Œ Β + in coconut oil roasted whole wheat baguette slices Β πŸ₯–
Ingredients for beets cream soup:

  • 3 cooked medium beets ~400g
  • 1 medium garlic ( for less spicy use a half)
  • 1 shallot onion
  • Organic coconut milk 250 ml
  • Salt after taste
  • Feta cheese for decoration (optional)

Ingredients for broccoli cream soup:

  • Broccoli ,cooked ~200g
  • Skyr/Greek yoghurt 2 tbsp
  • Salt after taste
  • Indian garam masala 1/2 tsp
  • Turkey bacon for decoration (optional)

And now the most …. EASIEST 😊 part. Β Blend all ingredients for each soup together, warm up in a pot and serve as desired 🍡

Bon Appetit!

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