Issues with drinking enough water?

Drink more water and you will solve a lot of your health problems!” You hear this almost everywhere around you. But it’s not so easy to do as it sounds. Especially when you’re not living in a hot tropical 🌴 country, but in a place, where the weather changes every single day and everyone is happy to enjoy some warm days, when temperature reaches above +20•C. In a few words, when it’s cold you don’t want to drink  water 😊And it has also been my biggest issue…. until I got this little helper . Have you ever seen such a beautiful water bottle? It’s so stylish, ergonomic and you can make it personalized as I did!But the most important – it works for me! They have made a great free app you can download, so you get reminded to take a sip. Water drinking is such a fun now!

So check their website My Equa and you’ll be amazed by all their products and maybe find a perfect one for yourself.


Drink more water and enjoy your day!

P.S it’s not sponsored, but my personal review

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