Photo Compilation of Easy Breakfast Ideas

Hello my darlings! It’s finally summer weather in Denmark and I’m having my well deserved vacation! And it feels so amazing!

Today I wanted you to take a look and maybe get some inspiration from my photo compilation of breakfast ideas. They are simple and easy to make, but most important – so delicious, refreshing and give you that extra boost to start your day excellent!

Granola w/ almond milk and fresh strawberries

Roasted müsli w/ natural yogurt,topped with kiwi, nectarine and raisins

Greek Yogurt w/ strawberries, red plums, almonds and hazelnuts

Oats w/ almond milk, fresh strawberries and dried raspberries

Greek Yogurt w/ fresh strawberries, pear, peach, melted dark chocolate and a pinch og chia seeds

Whole grain flakes w/ strawberry yogurt, strawberries and split almonds

Greek yogurt w/ whole grain flakes, banana, split almonds, melted dark chocolate and dried cranberry powder

Kellogg´s Multigrain Cheerios w/ greek yogurt, blended strawberries, crashed dark chocolate and coconut flakes

I really hope you enjoyed this post and could find some ideas for your next breakfast.

Excellent and sunny day everyone!

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